Monday, July 23, 2007

No Stitching

I made it back last night about 7:30 pm. Matthew and I were both worn out! It was a lot of driving, and I hope I don't have to do that again anytime soon! He really did do pretty well. He was definitely sick of that car seat near the end though.

Right before I left I got a package from Stitching Bits & Bobs. I had ordered a few things about a month ago when they were having a sale. I can't resist those sales! And I couldn't resist getting "Elizabeth Savilles 1841" by Finger Works after seeing Vero's start on it.

"Elizabeth Saville's 1841" with 36 ct. Vintage Meadow Rue linen.

I also got a couple of Prairie Schooler charts - "Friends" and "Forget-Me-Nots." I'm hoping to get some stitching done tonight because I wasn't able to get any done this weekend. Well, Matthew is crying - write later!


  1. Great stash. It's so much fun receiving a stash package isn't it. I'm waiting for one myself at the moment.

    Riley hates being in the car. An hour is his limit without screaming the place down. Matthew did well through your journey.

  2. What wonderful stash.

    My whitmans tins have still not arrived, and it's nearly five weeks now, so I think they must be missing.

  3. Great new stash. I love stitching mail.

  4. Hi Nicole,

    I'm glad that you had a safe trip. It sounds like Matthew was a little trooper. Nice charts.

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound!!

    GREAT stash :)

  6. I love this sampler design....Great stash, I must say!

  7. Nicole I love Elizabeth Sevilles, so pretty. I saw it on Vero's blog too and was sorely tempted. What are the fibers you got to go with it?