Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Played Hooky Today!

I went to Nantz Needlework in Holiday today. I had to get my "Stitches and Wishes" partner's package together. I got her Trilogy's Beatrice and the threads to go with it. She had it starred on her wish list so I hope she likes it all! It's a cute pattern. I picked up my package too. I got Helen Bell's Multiplication table, but unfortunately I already got it from Kathy Barrick-Dieter when she sent all the patterns to me. It was my fault, I forgot to take it off my wish list at the shop. Duh! So I'm going to put it on my sale/trade blog. I did get a little bit of stitching done while I was there...

I've been stitching away on Queen Anne's Lace. It's a fun stitch so far. I'm looking forward to stitching with a different color though! :)

I also received a gift certificate along with the pattern, so I got a couple things with it...

I got Little House Needlework's Colonial Dry Goods and a couple of Crescent Colours to go with it. I also go The Sweetheart Tree's Lavender Radiance. The ladies at the shop are going to do a SAL on Tuesdays starting in August. That should be fun! An excuse to get out once a week! :) Well, not much else. Today is Matthew's "real" birthday. We went out to eat and he was such a good boy! I'm taking him up to Georgia with me tomorrow. Hopefully he's a good boy on the drive up! :) Write later!

Wearing his Birthday Boy shirt again! :)


  1. Great stash! Your Queen Anne's Lace is coming along beautifully. Have a fun weekend.

  2. Queen Anne's Lace is looking good :) I stitched this one in 2000 for my mom for Christmas.
    Happy Birthday Matthew :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Such a cutie pie - good luck on the journey with him!

    Your Queen Anne's Lace is gorgeous - that coloring is outstanding. Great new charts!!!

  4. Lovely progress and great stash! Isn't it fun to play hooky!

  5. You're making great progress on QAL and you got some lovely stash too!

    Matthew is so cute - happy birthday to him!

  6. Matthew shares his birthday with my brother :) Cutie he is!

    You got some lovely stash there :)

    QAL is looking fabulous and you've gotten so much done!

    Have a safe trip to GA!

  7. Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

    Queen Anne's Lace looks wonderful.

    Have a safe trip

  8. You are making such great progress on Queen Anne's Lace. You'll be done in no time!

    Have a fun trip to Georgia!