Friday, July 13, 2007

I normally don't post twice in one day, but...

I got mail! And knowing that I'll probably have a busy weekend ahead of me I thought I'd go ahead and share it now. I signed up for "The Lady's Collection" class by Brightneedle through Elegant Stitch a couple months ago, maybe longer? I had almost forgot about it until I got a package in the mail today. The linen and silks are so pretty!

"The Lady's Collection" by Brightneedle.

Silks, Fabric, and Linen for "The Lady's Collection."

Who knows when I'll actually start it - I have already started way too much recently! I need to get a couple things finished before I'll allow myself to start anything else. :) I have to share one last picture of Matthew. He such a funny guy!

Matthew - almost one year old!

I still can't believe he's going to one next week. This year has flown by! We're going to have an Elmo party for him Sunday. He loves Elmo. Whenever I put in an Elmo DVD he starts singing "La la la la." it's so cute! I'll post some pictures on Monday! Write later! :)


  1. Matthew's a cutie! My baby will turn 18 this year. Where did the time go? Your BrightNeedle kit looks pretty! Have a great weekend!

  2. The Lady collection looks nice ! And what a cute little guy !!!

  3. They are sooo cute at this age aren't they. Riley sings along to the tv too lol.

    Happy Birthday to Matthew! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

  4. Matthew is so cute, what a happy baby. And 1! that is awesome. I love the kit from Brightneedle, it is so pretty. I think I want it too! Ann.

  5. What an extrodinarily beautiful set to stitch! GORGEOUS!
    And that dear Matthew is a sweetie :)
    He's gorgeous too!

  6. The Lady's Collection is gorgeous - lucky you for getting in on that class! Matthew is a cutie!

  7. Lady's collection is such a pretty piece. It is in my long list of WIPS. I especially love the fabric that came with the kit.

  8. What a sweetie! He's so cute :-). Happy birthday.

    I have that kit too, I definitely want to start and finish it one day in the not so distant future. It's so pretty.

  9. It seems like just yesterday when you were posting Matthew's newborn photos! Time sure does fly.

    Have fun stitching your Brightneedle pieces - they are very cute!

  10. Have fun with your BN piece its such a stunner and I'll look forward to watching your progress.

    Gosh is it a year sice Matthew was born, you are right its flown by.

  11. I like those Elegant stitch classes-I am hoping to do the ghosties and ghoulies the next time they offer it.

    I can't believe your baby is one already! He is adorable.

  12. The colors are beautiful! Can't wait to see them stitched up and not just the publisher's photo.

  13. The Lady's Collection is gorgeous and your baby is adorable

  14. HI!!

    Lovely blog ....Need you help... can you let me know how many chart you have on your pack ... A friend have this and missing pages ... there are 12 charts in the pack? , thank you for your help...
    You already finished this project? You´ll upload picture for we can see?
    Thank you,

  15. take care to marygas70, she only need a complet copy of this chart, we know her on a chineeeeeese bulletin board

  16. Hello Nicole
    I let a message on your Picasa album, may be, you have not seen it.
    I would like to know if you sell the chart of this class. Let me know (scuse my english. I am french)
    Thank you